Famous Great Auk Egg

Famous Great Auk Egg

Welcome to Original Replica Birds Eggs.

Having lived and worked professionally in the countryside for over 50 years, particularly with birds, I have seen many changes.

The days when every schoolboy had his own collection of birds eggs are long gone. As well as not being politically correct and cruel, it is also a criminal offense to remove birds eggs from nests.

Now you can own and build your collection of eggs without a custodial sentence with our range of original replica birds eggs.

Colour markings and the different shapes of birds eggs that once captivated the imagination of all those collectors still remains a source of wonder and delight. The exact reasons for them is still not known.

Great Auk Eggs
Educational Poster/Print
Only £10

We can produce accurate replicas of all the surviving Great Auk Eggs.

With meticulous research we have created a unique and original poster / print showing some of the Great Auk eggs we produce. The poster measures 16.5 Inches by 11.5 Inches (41.25cm by 28.75cm). and is suitable for framing. The eggs are shown 2/3 natural size.

Each egg has its own distinctive pattern and was reproduced in fine detail from photographs of the original specimen by Peter Rowland, who is a specialist in the creation of replica birds eggs.